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The 4th Speech Contest held by the French Department
Author:外国语 Number of hits: Time:2020-11-26

On November 13th, the French Language Department held the 4thSpeech Contest at Room 325, Dezheng Building.The winners of the competition will bethe candidates for the “FLTRP Cup” national contest of the 13thNational College French Speech Contest sponsored byForeign Language Teaching and Research Press.

 Four students fromClass 2018 andClass 2019 took part in the competition. Professor Gu and Professor Li from the French Departmentworked as judges. Zhang Wei, a student fromClass 2018, talked about new energy vehicles and the ways of leading green life style. Gao Wenhao from Class 2018, withgreat affection for Frenchlanguage learning, delivered athoughtful and enthusiastic speech about thesimilarities between Chinese and French literature. Pan Weilin chose to talk about the protection of animals, especially the nearly extinct species. Wu Meng, the lastspeaker fromClass 2019, gave an account of her understandingof Chinese culture,thusbringing the competition to a fruitful close.

 Zhang Wei finally won the first prize for his excellent mastery of French and convincing arguments, and he will participate in the“FLTRP Cup” on behalf of our university.

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