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The Director of The Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province Invited to Give a Lecture in SFL
Author:外国语 Number of hits: Time:2020-12-15


On December 3, 2020,Professor Liu Junsheng,the director of The Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province, was invited to give a lecture entitled "An Overview of France in Country-Specific Studies" in Room 308, Dezheng Building. The lecture is targeted at all the students in the School of Foreign Languages. It is presided by Assistant Dean Gu Xiaoyan and followed by Li Shaoqing to make a summary.

Supported by Chinese Government, Professor Liu Junsheng has studied in France from 1985 to 1990. After that,he successively served as Vice Consul of Consulate-General of Douala, Chinese Embassy in Cameroon, Permanent Representative of Jiangsu Province in Haute-Seine, Deputy Secretary-General of The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Jiangsu Province, and member of the Committee of Minority Languages.

Professor Liu firstly introduced the principles of country-specific studies, that is, philosophical, historical,developmental and dynamic. He encouraged students to read classics to broad their horizons. According to the chronological order of the germination and development of French capitalism, he macroscopically introduced Francefrom the aspects ofpolitics, economy, culture and art. Then, Professor Liu outlined the characteristics of the presidents of the Fifth Republic of France and the political contacts between China and France at that time. From President De Gaulle and President Pompidou in the early stages to President Makron today, he sketched out the process of French president's previous visits to China. He narrated some vivid stories about exchanges between China and France. What Professor Liu shared about French history and his foreign affairs translation experience immensely benefited all the students and greatly stimulated their interest in relevant learning. This lecture is also one of the significant activities for the SFL students to promote their intercultural communicative competence.


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