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SFL Faculty Sun Yue at the 2020 Annual Conference of CCLA
Author:外国语 Number of hits: Time:2020-12-22

 From November 28 to 29, 2020, the 2020 annual conference of Overseas Sinology Research Association of China Comparative Literature Association was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Theannual meeting is sponsored by the Overseas Sinology Research Association of China Comparative Literature Society, organized by theSchool ofForeignLanguages of Southwest JiaoTong University, and cosponsored by International Sinology magazine. More than 130scholars and student representatives from many universities and scientific research institutions participated in the event.

In the group discussion, Mr. Sun Yue from the French Department of ourschoolgave a talk on "key classics and main interests in the French translation of ancient Chinese classics". Based on his latest monographThe Bibliography andits Research on the FrenchTranslation ofAncient ChineseClassics, Mr. Sunelaborated onhisunderstandingof classification and catalogingintranslation of ancient Chinese classics, the searching method of "key classics", and the fourmain interests of "self-cultivation", "decision-making strategy", "poetry aesthetics" and "story entertainment" in the long history of French translation of ancient Chinese classics.

During and after the meeting, Mr.Sun gave his monographs as gifts to Professor Zhang Xiping, the president of the Overseas Sinology Research Association, Professor Yang Huiling, the secretary general, and Zhao Ming, associate professor of French Department of Wuhan University. His work has won many applauses.

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