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School of Foreign Languages Holds the Opening Ceremony of the“Soul Harbor” Secondary Psychological Workshop
Author:外国语 Number of hits: Time:2020-11-27

At noon on November 25, the opening ceremony of the “Soul Harbor” secondary psychological workshop was held in Room 304 in Dezheng Building. The workshop is co-founded by School of Foreign Languages and School of Journalism. Zhao Liang, Deputy Director of the Student Office and Li Bowei, Deputy Party Secretary ofSchool ofJournalism attended the ceremony as well as psychological counselors, tutors from the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of the Student Office and representatives of psychological committee members of School of Foreign Languages and School of Journalism. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Yinghua, Deputy Party Secretary of School of Foreign Languages.

Liu Yinghua briefed the status quo of the psychological workshop,saying that the two schools are committed to promoting mental health education with a joint mechanism of indoor communication + outdoor activities. Facilitated with a coffee bar, fitness equipment, and a consulting and chatting area, Room 304 in Dezheng Building is set as the center of psychological consulting for the workshop. In the mean time, the “Tom” book bar and the sunshine corridor on the lawn of the third floor of Dezheng Building serve as an outdoor area where students can read and chat. Through diversified and professional ways such as consultation and communication and peer psychological counseling, the “Soul Harbor” secondary psychological workshop will promote students’ self-exploration of inner world, guide study and employment planning and improve students’ mental health development by way of “consultation + group counseling”.

Zhao Liang congratulated the founding of the “Soul Harbor” psychologicalworkshop. He said that the workshop is an important way to expand the coverage and influence of mental health education. He also hopes that the “Soul Harbor” secondary psychological workshop willgive full play tothe characteristics of both schools to complement each other’s advantages in various mental health educationcampaigns, thus improving students' mental health. After that, Wu Yin, a tutor from the Mental Health Education and Consultation Center, gave all the psychological committee members a training on how psychological committee members organize mental health campaigns in class.

After the opening ceremony, Li Haokun, a part-time psychological tutor from School of Foreign Languages, led the students to carry out the first psychological counseling activity named “I love chocolates” with the theme of “effective communication”. The students cudgeled their brains to ask for chocolates from the group heads with a silver tongue. “The activity indicates that sometimes ‘how to say’ is more important than ‘what to say’ for a particular purpose. This is very enlightening for me to bear in mind how to carry out class psychological counseling more effectively in the future,” said a psychological committee member from grade 2019.

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