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A lecture given by Dr. Zheng Binghan from Durham University
Author:外国语 Number of hits: Time:2021-05-20

On the morning of April 9, Dr. Zheng Binghan from Durham University in the United Kingdom was invited to give a lecture entitled “Analysis of the Characteristics of International Journalsin Translation Studies and Publication of English Papers”. Prof. Sun Yongbin, Prof. Sun Dong, together with many other teachers and students of SFL, attended the lecture, which was hosted by Dr. Gu Xiaoyan, the assistant dean.

Dr. Zheng analyzed the impact factor ranking of 11 SSCI and A&HCI double-blind review journals and 3 A&HCI journals in translation studies based on the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) in 2019. He gave a detailed analysis of the running history of each journal, the goal of publishing and the orientation of paper selecting, and then shared his own experience with the audience in publishing nearly 20 papers in 10 of those journals in recent years, particularly with reference to tips ranging from data collecting,through paper writing, to manuscript revising, etc. During the question-and-answer session, Dr. Zheng patiently and meticulously answered the relevant questions on the frontier of translation research raised by the teachers and students present.

This lecture will greatly help to broaden the academic horizons of teachers and students ofSFL, further enriching their research ideas, anddefinitely bringing about a positive impact on the disciplinary construction of SFL.

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